Volvos are popular for being extremely safe vehicles. Without a doubt, they are incredibly safe and has started a Volvo Saved My Life Club. Such club recounts the various moments in which the drivers of such vehicles have been saved by the safety attributes of these amazing cars. The Volvo v70 and Volvo s70 covers a standard with several safety features that you do not want to miss out. These safety features may be what place you in Volvo's special club. The Volvo series of cars starts with a Safety-Cage Passenger Compartment. Such feature is complete with rear and front crumple zones that can distribute and dissipate the collision force. This decreases the physical strain on the vehicle's passengers. Furthermore, there are roof pillars as well as the transverse roof profiles that will prevent the vehicle caving in should it roll. The side collision will influence the system also distributes the force to the side of a car.


The Side-Impact Protection System will be the second feature. This decreases injuries in the event of a side impact. The vehicle's body is designed to decrease the deformation that takes place to a car when it is being hit form the side. In a lot of front-end collisions, people are often harmed by the steering shaft. These injuries are made by the catapult effect that takes place when a car is rear-ended. During an accident to the rear of the car, the Whiplash Protection Seating System will be activated. You can also browse our used inventory here!


You have to keep in mind that the Volvo's airbag system is like not other car. In fact, there are three-step airbags with a passenger and driver's side kneepads. The passenger and the driver will often need protection for their knees. A lot of knee injuries take place in accidents that are front-end collisions. As you can see, the front passenger and driver are often thrown forwards in these kinds of accidents and the knees may be jammed into the console on the lower part. These are just a few safety features found in the Volvo, but there are added features that may be found in each vehicle as well. Watch this video at and know more about Volvo.



If you are currently looking for the best 2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country Hattiesburg MS, all you need to do is to study and examine Volvo and make it as one of your top lists. Volvo is such a very ice car since it has good quality, sturdy, and well-designed.